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10:38 am

    Thank you to everyone who took their time and data or free Wi-Fi opportunities, whichever the case may be, to check out my blog. Thank you all so much for the wonderful feedback. After I published my first two posts, I started asking myself questions and wondering about the devil that pushed me. I felt like I had been too honest and I'd always felt like I wasnt a good writer. I needed a second opinion.
    I asked my close friends to read the blog posts and tell me what they thought. They said nice and encouraging things and I got excited then I decided to ask a few more people. I got almost the same replies. I decided another set of a-few-more people till I had asked almost everyone on my contact lists. I got basically the same replies with a few twitches here and there. All was good till I got it in my head that all those people somehow got together, connived and lied to me.
    Paranoid? I know. But self doubt can be a very funny thing. You keep getting ideas and making up excuses as to why you're just not good enough even if they are simply crazy. But why not just do it? A lot of people spend their lives being and doing what they do not want to be or do. You have one life and it's quite short. The life expectancy age in West Africa is at an average of 54 years. Why not spend YOUR own life doing "legal" things you love?
    Stop letting people tell you what you must do and who you must be. Ignore all the leechy, bloodsucking and energy draining comments. Ignore the haters, they will say bad things about an innocent baby. Haters are most of the time unsatisfied with their lives so they take it upon themselves to make others feel bad with them. Why should you pay for another person's mistakes? It makes no sense.
    And if you decide to let others dictate what happens in your life... First off, your life isn't a military regime. And second, in about 10 to 20 years, all those people won't regret what you did with your life, you will. And then you might end up being a hater continuing the vicious cycle.
    What to do? Take a leap of faith. Put yourself out there. Take a risk. Go for that interview! Write that application! And remember to put it all in the hands of the One who made you, Your heavenly Father. Remember that waking up is a risk because you could stand up, sprain your ankle, hit your head and die. And sleeping is also a risk because you might not wake up. Okay the first scenario sounds like something you would watch in a Nollywood movie but still, we do these things almost everyday.
   Life is to be lived.
p.s Sorry I can't post any images right now, my phone has a virus.

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