My Valentine

9:12 am

How did I spend my valentine?
I went on a romantic date with sleep.
He took me in his car.
He called her Sweet Dreams.
We had breakfast in London,
Lunch in Hawaii
and Dinner in Paris.
All in one day!
I fell in love with that wonderful man, Sleep.
He was a 'dream come true'

During dinner, he asked me to marry him.
I was speechless.
It was the most romantic proposal ever,
in the city of my dreams,
It was perfect.
But amid my joy, I hesitated.
'Why am I stopping?', I ask myself.
My subconscious replied.
'Because I'm here, you idiot!'
She's quite mean to me but I don't mind

'Are you sure you really want to spend the rest of your life with him??'
'Well, yes. I love him.'
'Shut up! What do you know about love?'
I didn't answer.
'Do you realize who he is?'
'Yes, I know he is Sleep, the owner of dreams'
'He is also the owner of nightmares!'
'But he's only made me happy today.'
'Fine, suit yourself. But do you know you have to die?'
'Die?', I squeaked.

She laughed at me.
I realized that all this wasn't real.
It was what it was, a dream.
I had to wake up or my dreams would never really come through.
It was fun while it lasted.
I thanked her, my mean and wise subconscious.
Then I pinched myself.

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