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12:06 pm

     There's a lot about me you guys don't know. A lot I just haven't written here largely because of my inconsistency with blogging. And maybe you just haven't been on this blog before. Either way, I just want to fill you in. Just in case you didn't know... this is 20 random things about myself. The list may not actually be so random but this is a very unplanned and spontaneous post.
1. I'm a born again Christian.
2. I used braces for about 2 years. I had really terrible dentition before.
3. I hate second trips. I'd rather sprain my ankle carrying the car into the house than go twice to the car.
4. I love window shopping. I love pretty things. I almost can't go to a mall or a supermarket without browsing through.
5. I'm a photographer. I should start posting some of my work here soonest.
6. I'm a law student in the University of Lagos.
7. I hate Nollywood movies because of their mediocrity. You can't watch a Nollywood movie without hearing me blurt something in annoyance. I keep hissing and stuff..
8. I don't have a favourite thing to eat. I follow my cravings but I love bread, milk, garri, sausage, beans, fried rice and Chinese food. I love crunchy food. I hate spaghetti except Korede's spaghetti @Unilag and Chijioke's spaghetti @medilag. I hate noodles except it's heavily garnished. Even then I eat very little.
9. I love going out but I'm an indoors person.
10. I'm one of the most hyper people you'll ever meet. I almost always have energy.
11. I love to read everything but my textbooks.
12. I'm a very simple person. I'm just complicated sometimes.
13. I have low-cut hair and I'm currently planning my next hair cut.
14. I have 2 younger brothers.
15. I've been to more than 10 states in Nigeria. I only passed through some but it still counts. Doesn't it? Bottom line, I love traveling.
17. I think faster than my brain.
18. I attend Rhythm 5 fellowship, Unilag.
19. I'm very open to new things.
20 I talk to myself and the Holy Spirit out loud. I also dance in the street. Try it sometime, it's awesome. It gives you a sense of "not-caring" about what people say..

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