Daydreams and Beards

7:14 pm

I can't remember how many times I've wished that as I journey in my "legedez benz", a rich, tall, dark or fair ( I don't discriminate) and handsome ( I might discriminate on this) man with a beard, would stop by me in his expensive car and get down just to talk to me. We'd have a great conversation and blah blah blah... That was getting out of hand.
  But oh my, the daydreams I have. If only stuff like that happened in real life. I'd have met my Christian Grey by now and he'd wait till we got married. And we'd live happily ever after.
  I must admit that in the midst of reality, I've been caught up in one or two fantasies especially when it comes to love and relationships. When you're my age, idealistic and fictional books are your escape, it's perfectly normal. It's also dangerous.
  I'm a fan of true love but I try to be realistic which can be hard because love really is blind. You don't realize how stupid you were until you fall out. I hope I haven't gotten to the point of cynicism but I believe that finding one of the most wanted criminals in the world, love, is harder than finding water during a drought. We live in a screwed up world. One where good things are stupid and bad things are crazy and cool at the same time (this is quite subjective).
   About five cars stopped for me in October. Yes, I've been counting Recently, (I actually mean last night)  I was walking to my hostel, at night if I might add.. again, and then my prayers were answered or so I thought. He seemed nice enough when he pulled over and I was pleasantly surprised because I felt like I looked like a screp! He insisted on giving me a ride and I, being tired as I was, let him.
   He didn't touch me but his words were invasive enough. He soon had me wishing I hadn't bothered stopping to listen to him. At a point, he asked what I was thinking about.
  "I'm thinking about my bed." I was really sleepy.
  "Why don't you think about mine?" Or something like that was all he said. I'd had enough. I escaped and luckily for me, he didn't try and stop me. My fairy tale wasn't going as dreamt. I should have known it wouldn't. His car wasn't expensive enough, and he didn't have a beard. That should have warned me but no, I just had to believe he was a Prince Charming rescuing a damsel in distress, that he was being nice out of the goodness of his heart. Puhleeeze.
   I'll try again some other time, later on. Like later later on. For now, I guess it's okay to daydream once in a while. Hopefully, I will be wiser then and see a man without a beard for what he is, a man without a beard.
This was written on the 25th of October 2015.

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