Series: In my Exodus

2:41 pm

    I've decided to start a series. In my Exodus. I've been trying to write for a while but it's so hard because I can't relate to any of the things I used to. I'm going through something on the inside and it's changing me. I guess I can say I'm transitioning. This transition is painful but interesting. I'm discovering some things about myself that have stared at me for years and that I never knew.
    I'm growing up. I'm becoming a woman and it's quite grounding. This is like the only thing I can relate to for now. I hope you enjoy it and can relate too. I don't know how long this will last. The Israelites did stay 40 in the wilderness. God had to get them to a point of newness. Pushing out the old. Studying the journey of the Israelites has actually taught me a few things about myself. It's crazy but I see myself in "Leviticus", grumbling and dragging my feet like God's people in "Numbers". I have issues with that thing in my chest called a heart. I'm struggling to hold on to my comfort zones but they aren't working for me anymore. Israel was used to way of Life in Egypt. They were slaves but they were comfortable where they were. The wilderness was to prepare them for a new way of life, even among pagan nations. I'm kind of like that right now. Comfortable in the chains I have created for myself. But, I am on a journey to my promised land, receiving my own manna, grumbling, repenting, learning and growing. I'm in my wilderness. In my Exodus. It took 40 years for a nation to be exactly as God wanted. I hope my journey won't be as long

All that is in my life right now.

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