A letter to the one who disgusted me

10:40 pm

Dear F,
    Our age difference was one thing that I couldn't quite wrap my mind around. You are at least 11 years older than me but I have an age limit of 6. All I wanted from you was for you to teach me how to bake but I didn't qualify so you decided I qualified for something else. Unfortunately for you, I had more resistance than you thought I would. I guess I seemed like a naïve, young woman. An easy conquest of some sort. You would call me everyday and some times, we'd talk for several minutes about your unrequited emotions and how you wished to see me. Now that I think back, it was all quite pathetic.. And disgusting. After a few weeks of your pestering, I agreed to see you. That was the beginning of the end.
    As usual I didn't listen to HS, my best friend. He told me not to go but I felt too bound by my words. After spending time and effort to locate your office, I finally found it. The distance was not a joke and I was tired. Your office was not like what I expected but I forgave it and accepted it's charm. It was good enough for a baker, I guess. Then I quietly took the seat you offered and waited and watched till you dispatched your employees. The smug smiles you kept throwing my way made me feel like slugs were crawling on my skin. Yuck!
    When we were alone like you hoped, I became uncomfortable and with good reason. You decided you wanted to sit too close to me. And act like we'd known each other for so long when we'd merely known each other for a few weeks. After I rebuffed you, you decided that was the best time to check your emails and Instagram feed. As if that wasn't enough, you didn't even offer me a drink! Not even water! All you tried to force me to have was some cake when you knew I was fasting. At this point, I was livid. What kind of a pathetic wannabe Yoruba demon are you? Seriously, your game is dead. After being ignored for almost 45 minutes, I finally decided that I'd been insulted enough. I decided to leave but still it never clicked in your head that the hot sun was more than enough to dry out my tongue. And the worst, After all I went through, you gave me just 500 naira! I found out you were stingy as well. But like a good little girl, I kept quiet through it all. You told me to call you when I got to school. I'm sure you knew that wasn't going to happen.
   I'm so glad you never called again.


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