Let it Go

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    Letting go is one thing every human has to do. I say 'has to' because of how necessary it is. I'm not about to bore you with what letting go is, we have dictionaries and google for that. In fact, this might be a topic that has been overly talked about but I'm writing as well as venting, so bear with me. Honestly speaking or writing, letting go is hard and not just for lack of what to say. Recently, I  found it hard to let go of the feelings of. Infatuation or 'like' I had for this guy and it was quite annoying. I'm a proud single pringle and for me, this means that in order to avoid unnecessary complications in my life as a result of being involved with the opposite sex, I'm not dating till I get to an agreed age. Who did I agree with? God. Anyway, this guy is typically what I'd call "my type" BUT there were a few problems, the first one (I'm willing to share with you) being ... I'm not ready. The drama of a relationship, the distraction it causes, the fierce emotions that only one person rouses, the sexual tension, the headiness when things are fine and loneliness when things go wrong. I'm not ready. I still want to grow up a bit more, find out God's exact plan for my life and become the WOMAN I'm meant to be. One relationship at the wrong time can destroy all of that.
    I know all this but still, I found it hard not to feel things. Why? I don't know. I guess it's human nature or I didn't really want to let go. One woman that found it so hard to let go was Lot's wife. I think "Lot" is a weird name but "Lot's wife" is on another level (her name was never mentioned). Lot and his family had to leave every thing they knew behind. Friends, servants, belongings, businesses, investments, comfort, money.. Lot was very wealthy.

    I'm a woman, let me get physical and real... If Lot lived in the 21st century, his wife would have been leaving behind Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Louboutins, Choos, expensive wigs and weaves of different nationalities, jewelry that cost who knows how much, wedding presents, things of sentimental value, cars, their flat screen televisions and home theater systems, beautiful washing machines, her kitchen!.. their house! This woman had all of this on her mind and women are really good at keeping things on their minds. What woman wouldn't have looked back? A non materialistic woman maybe but when that woman finds out that the whole city was going to burn as well, what then? Everyone she had known and probably come to love. A woman who had followed her husband so far for years living with very few humans must have become so attached to the city life hoping to spend the rest of her life there. If I want to be honest, Lot's family made a big sacrifice but compared to what was at stake- their lives, it was nothing.
   You might ask why looking back was such a big deal. Letting go means taking a decision to move forward, looking back can slow you down or make you change your mind entirely. I suspect that if Lot's wife had successfully looked back once, she'd have done it again and again and the whole family would have done the same. They probably wouldn't have left Sodom like God wanted.  They might have tried to save someone or something.. How many times have you tried to hold on just to try to change someone? It hardly ever works. People hardly ever change people. Change is something that actually hurts (no puns intended). If God in his unending wisdom decided that some people weren't worth saving, that some people could be let go of, then I don't think it's such a big deal to let some things or people go.
    Holding on can be detrimental to your physical and spiritual health. I'm sure most people have heard the rotten fruit story but for those who haven't.. An elementary school teacher asked her students to bring a fruit each to school. When they did, she asked them to take the fruit everywhere they went for two weeks. After the first week, the students were fed up with the smell and presence of the rotting fruits. Their teacher then likened the fruits to grudges. Sweet to hold at first, I mean all the revenge plans can feel quite empowering but then gradually they turn to bitterness and start to cause rot in your life. Your moods become, well, moody. Think of all the bad guys in movies in general, all of them are either crazy (think hydra fanatics in Avengers!), simply ignorant of better behavior (think the minions) or they're people who couldn't let go of wrongs against them (think Ice Queen from the huntsman: Winter War). I think all bad guys have this in common. Let's not forget those who get obsessed with a cause (think Jeanine Matthews from Divergent!) and those who are brainwashed (give it up for the Winter Soldier!!!). Long story short, Let go OR become a bad guy! Kidding.
     One of the points I hope I drove home is that you can choose to let go of anything and everything even if it seems like that's the only thing that makes you happy, the world will not actually end.
To let go is to forgive..
To let go is to forget..
To let go is to give..
To let go is to love..

    "For God so loved the world.."

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