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The world does not revolve around you  Ekene.
You swore to never let society taint you,
Deceive you with its ideologies.
Humorous; You believed you would change it.
I let you believe in your words,
Unsure if your mind could be changed.
Changed or shaken.
Shaken or broken.
But a mind like yours took a dye in the hay. For better or worse, I do not know.
You cannot change the world Ekene.
I told you once before. Several times after.
But you were adamant that you could.
You wanted to be president today,
Law maker tomorrow.
Local government chairman,
Minister, a man to take a seat of power.

You thought you could change the world Ekene,
But somehow the world changed you.
I watched in horror as the things you detested became a part of you.
In horror because a small part of me had hoped that you could win this battle you fought.
They grabbed at you with greedy grubby hands.
You resisted for a while and some time. Until a while and some time became none at a time.
The world does revolve around you Ekene.
You do not revolve around it either.
You are two independent players.
One a constant, the other a fleeting variable.
But both thrown into the arena to wrestle.
There can be only one winner Ekene.

The world always wins.

Written by Nina Nadine

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