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The first time I met this guy, he literally tried to buy me. I can still remember the smug look on his face. I told him I was priceless tho. Turns out he's really a softie with a big heart.
I am Dare Asobele
I do a lot of things, by God's grace I will be a lawyer from December 16th 2015. I also have this Lil business of making healthy fruit juice to help reduce stress and help in weight loss. Most importantly I love giving back to the society with my NGO group known as ExecutivesInitiative where I and a couple of friends have an event called The charity.
I care about The Charity event, cause I feel like no one cares about anyone else apart from themselves and selfish related goals and we should be able to take at least once a year if not everday and make a couple of kids laugh during this festive period. I see the hope and dreams these kids have and it breaks my heart I can't do much, but I Will start and hopefully someday I hope God makes me make their dreams come through. I don't do this for people to say I am nice and caring, in fact I might be annoying and crazy at times but I just want to see Nigerian kids that don't have anything to be able to give back someday.
Doing it, has it's ups and down. We are not registered and also funds are personal funds. We just send bcs and also disturb our uncles and aunties. Also we get help from small groups and now bloggers help us send the word out there. But I make sure with the little we have, we do much. This is the 3rd year. This year it is called #Thecharity2015.
This year, the charity is visiting 3 orphanage homes and two communities
The charity 2015 takes place on the 23rd of December.
To participate kindly follow us on Twitter @Executivesinc and Instagram @ExecutivesInitiative and like our Facebook page and check out old pictures of wat we are about
Kindly support #Thecharity2015 by filling this online. Click the link and Help the Kids
Here is a little something extra from the big guy.
Charity begins at home, but should spread to our communities.
Think about how much of an impact you can make by donating clothes, shoes, school bags and books; ‎by giving toys; ‎by helping out; by smiling at a kid.
Now don't just think! Do! Give! Help! Smile! Donate!
It's incredible how much of an impact you can make by simply taking one day out of 365 days to contribute to a child's happiness and a communities' delight especially in this very special season.
Be part of this experience. Call the following numbers if you want to participate on that day:
(Dare) +2347087759673, +234816 748 8754‎
(Fikayo)+2348079352613, +2348097875070 ‎
(Boro) +234 809 619 2819
God bless you as you donate

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