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  So, I went to Ikogosi warm springs with my family on the 30th of December. As most of you know, it's located in Ekiti state. It's about an hour away from my hometown, Usi Ekiti, Ekiti state. Yes, I had my new year ushering in my village. It turned out okay, I didn't want to go but like I said, it turned out okay. After being annoyed by being made to wait for my brother to get his BVN at a bank in Ado Ekiti, we were finally on our way. Did I forget to mention that Ekiti was really cold. The harmattan was out of this state.
  At the gate, you're expected to pay 500 naira per head although the man was nice enough to let my baby bro go in for free. We weren't the only family that had that idea tho cus the place was swarming. There weren't sooo many people but it wasn't close to being empty either. It was a great mixture of nature and man.
     The highlight of this place is supposed to be the meeting point of the warm and cold springs and it is truly amazing how both meet in a little pond but don't mix. The cold water remains really cold and the warm water, really warm. i mean how water stays warm in that kind of weather is a wonder of nature.
I had fun and family time which we haven't had in a loong time. Dad travels a lot plus the bros and I are in one school or the other.

                           The bag actually belongs to my mum but it looked great so who cares?

                                                                     Feeling myself

The fam minus one
If you ever decide to go to the Ikogosi warm springs, make sure you take your food, drinks and swimming gear. The prices of stuff there was ridiculous while the pool was hard to resist. And make sure you go with your family and or some friends. Places like these are best enjoyed with loved ones.

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