A bad day

10:48 am

   I'm having a bad day. I feel sad for a whole lot of reasons. My mum decided today was the day to blast me for all my sins.. My outfit didn't go as planned. I feel skreppy and it wasn't on purpose this time. I've missed my 8am class; I feel inferior to the girls standing in front of me on the shuttle queue; I still have a whole lot to read in 3 months;I have less than a week to plan a birthday; and I can't seem to learn how to control how much my mind wanders.
   I currently have no make up on; I hate my hairstyle even if it's a wig; The bus keeps hitting me; I just hate the way this day is going. Basically I feel down and moody for so many little and trivial reasons.
    Right now, I'm walking to the library determined to read for a while. I fixed my outfit the best way I could... I changed my shoes, put on my purple choker,  dabbed on some lipstick. I feel better already. It's 10 o'clock now. I don't think my day will end so badly. I'm waiting to find out.

P.s. My day turned out okay afterall. I can't remember what happened. I wrote this last week Monday.

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