Sleepy Tears

8:40 pm

I wish you'd understand,
That I don't know what to say.
I dont know how to say.
That I don't know when to say.
We're not what we used to be,
We're not how we used to be.
My smiles to you don't reach my eyes.
I cringe everytime you look at me.
You think I'm being mean.
You don't know what I mean.
I can't face you,
but it's not my fault.
You severed our ties,
I just consented.
I don't argue, I never do.
Not on these topics anyway.
I never know what to say.
I don't expect much from you.
You think it's a problem.
But I've danced that dance before.
I only get exhausted.
It's a downward spiral,
A lonely waltz.
After all this,
You'll ask me
Who sent you?
And once again,
I'll cry myself to sleep.

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