The meeting

3:49 pm

He's someone I haven't seen in a long time. Is three years long enough? We met in 2012, the year I graduated from high school and he's one of the few people who's made effort to keep in touch. A few weeks ago he called me, and we talked for an hour, in the afternoon, in Nigeria. I can't remember over half of the conversation but it was great.
   He schools in Enugu but he came back to Lagos last week. I just had to see him. He tried to see me last year but I kinda stood him up cus I had classes. We agreed that today was the best day to meet. And our meeting point? Ikeja City Mall (ICM). If you live in Lagos and you've ever tried to hangout with friends, you'll understand that good hangout spots that are cheap are almost impossible to find. If you disagree, send me an email. Please.
  I window shopped at MRP while waiting for him (yea, the big teddy was late) and I thought it was really creepy that a security guard, who was probably supposed to make sure no one was shop lifting, tried to show me bras because they were cheap. They were 32a bras that went for N400 which he claimed were my size. I slipped away inch by inch. And gave him a look that said "okaaaye".
  Finally he arrived, 21 minutes late and we decided to watch a movie, Southpaw, after arguing about what movie to watch for almost 10 minutes. It was a cool movie about a boxer who lost his wife, destroyed his career and almost lost his daughter and later got it back together. I don't think I want to do a movie review. PS. His wife died.
  After the movie, I dragged him into shoprite on a hunt for nutri C Fruit and Veg. Fuel isn't as scarce that thing. Even Shoprite didn't have it. Then I decided to walk around the whole of Shop rite, playing hide and seek in between aisles. It gave me an idea of how shopping with my husband will be when I get married. Absolute fun! We got to the section for bathing soap, deodorant and hair products, this lady gave me a flier for a relaxer kit. I was mortified, horrified and terrified. Why? I have natural hair, that's why. How could she? I'm a bit of a drama queen and I'm sure she regretted talking to me at the end of our conversation. I was actually shaken up but I didn't take offence.
  I left ICM wishing I could stay with my friend but the goodbyes had to be said. As I write this, I am currently in a bus on my way home and the seat is just hard.
Ps. I really am learning Spanish.

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