The quirks of Motherhood

11:03 pm

   So my blog is a year old today. I'm a proud mother, blogger, a shy writer and I have honestly thought about dumping this baby more than a few times but I didn't. I can't say there's a specific reason I started cus I really can't remember any.
   I think I did okay for my first year. Like 4/10 okay. But that's okay, I guess. I'm grateful to God for inspiration and for making me the way I am. I wouldn't be as awkward and entertaining otherwise.
   Like I'll tell anyone, I never actually thought I could write or compose anything. In fact, I still can't write good fiction to save my life but I discovered I could write about me, what goes on in my head and what happens around me. Today, someone called me an alien because of a quote I thought up ( it's part of an upcoming post). I honestly felt flattered. My grin could not be contained.
   I remember once writing an essay that got my teacher so excited she insisted on getting it printed in our school magazine. I didn't see what the big deal was, I just wrote what I heard in the news. I really can't remember the topic now, it was over 3 years ago.
   This post feels so distended and not well put together but that's okay. My baby blog is one! She survived all those infancy attacks! Like every mother, I hope she grows up healthy and strong.

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