A Coward's gamble

3:11 pm

I should just do what you asked.
But I am a coward
Buying time with borrowed money,
Money I can never pay back
To play a dangerous game.
A gamble.
A risk with no wins in sight.
But I'm getting blinded all over again,
By the glamour,
the glitter of what isn't gold,
Of what won't last.
The urge is as strong as the pull.
The notion of drowning in you
but I know it is all a lie.
The game was over before it started,
because I dared to play.
I dared to gaze on that tree so forbidden.
Because I dared what shouldn't have been.
I should do what I said,
I should let you go,
I should walk away,
but cowards don't do what they should.

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