Free WiFi!

4:32 pm

    Since my first year in uni, I've alwayS gotten  bedspAce in a haLl of residence (Thank God for new mercies). Although I always seem to get it about 6 weeks after resumption. In my 200 level, I got a particular hall for the second time (You get reallocated each year and you might not get the same hall more than once).
    A couple of weeks after settling in, I came back to school one Sunday to the tales of how my roommates plundered the limitless treasures of free WiFi. Apparently, the port was just outside the window of my first floor 6-man
room. How could it happen WHEN I went home?? Sigh. I was Very disAppoinTed. I mean, of course the Wifi just has to go off the day I come back! A number of apps on my phone needed updates and I wasn't about to use my data plan of a meagre 2GB. Why? Because then It would ONly last for a week or less. It's not called a monthly plan for nothing.
    So.. Imagine my surprise when a few days later, the WiFi came back! It was a beautiful moment! Indescribable even. Imagine my surprise when the WiFi lasted for more than a week. It was awesome. I finally knew how YouTube worked! After a few weeks, we took it for granted. I didn't buy data for about 3 months cus of the hostel WiFi. The WiFi radius got to my room so I didn't even have go to the common room to get connected. All my apps were up to date... It was every Nigerian student's dream.
One day, unfortunately for a lot of us, it just stopped. No warning.. No nothing.. It just stopped. It was painful. I had to buy data amongst other things. It also meant goodbye YouTube. Sigh. I really enjoyed the free WiFi while it lasted. It was actually approved by my Uni for students and each hall is supposed to have one.
   Anyway, I moved on. I bought data. Life went on, WiFiless and all. After about a week or two of the WiFiless life, the WiFi came back. I'm a Nigerian. I like free stuff sometimes. That's why giveaways make us so happy. Why we love birthdays and Christmas. It's why we love free WIFI! A sale, a discount. I dunno if it's human nature, we just have it. However, waiting on free stuff all the time can slow you down in life. Your expectations can and might always be cut short. They say nothing comes free. I almost agree tho... Except there's this one thing.

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