Not Enough

4:12 pm

Not enough

I am an outsider,
Watching through the cracks in the wall,
A world I don't know,
I want to be a part of it all.
I can see the door right there,
But I can't go in,
I don't have the right key,
I search and search,
The bunch holds too much,
My persistence unlocks,
A whole new world,
I'm Alice in a wonderland of my own.
I try to explore,
I try to own this journey,
But the path is blurry,
I can't seem to find my way,
Where to go, I don't know!
Scratched and wounded ,
I find myself in the midst of it all,
I'm so out of place,
The looks actually scathe,
My tears burn my face,
I run away,
I wasn't invited.
Why did I try?
Why did I dive?
Why does it always come to this?
It always ends,
It's always rejection,
I'm screaming on the inside,
Despair echoes deep in my soul,
I just don't want to be alone!
I don't want to be alone.
I want to fit in,
I don't want to cry myself to sleep,
I want to hold hands with someone,
I want to feel the heat with someone,
I want to laugh with someone,
I want to cry with someone,
Not alone.
Not anymore.
It has simply become
Not enough,
It never was.
Forgive me if I barrel into your life,
Forgive me if I smile at you,
I'm sorry if I give you a hug,
I'm sorry cus I'll hold your hand too long,
What I have without you
Is not enough for me,
Not anymore.

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