Radisson Blues

12:50 am

Looking at someone with new eyes,
Means realizing things you never have,
Means doing things you've never done.
Before I met you,
All I saw were blue skies,
Now all I see are blue cars.
Before I met you,
Black was just the colour of my jeans.
Now it's the colour of your skin.
Conversations play in my head,
Over and over,
Words mold and become bold.
You're trying to figure me out,
How am I supposed to figure you out?
Nervous eyes and shy smiles,
Meet looks I'm not sure I can define.
I wonder about your life,
What it's like,
Why you think it's so sad.
I ponder on your kindness,
Are there motives you hide?
I am getting overwhelmed by your easy smile,
By that look in your eyes.
You're running from something.
You can't seem to get away.
But you keep going from place to place.
You drive fast but it keeps its pace.
You're good at keeping up this façade.
You think no one can see beyond the lift of your brows.
Or the charm you seem to douse yourself in,
I've seen the unease in your eyes,
The pain you try to hide.
I've seen the skeletons on your face,
I've seen the scars wedged in your soul
I've seen more than you'll ever know.
Now that you're not around,
I think I can be calm.
I think my heart can beat to its own tune again.
I think I can see blue skies again.
Now that you're gone,
I hope your heart will heal,
I hope your pain will fade away,
Now that you're gone,
I hope I'll see you again.

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