My man

10:14 am

The men in my life
The men in my life are selfish
The men in my life are vain
The men in my life use me
The men in my life breed hate
I can't seem to let go of the men in my life
If I do, I'll be alone.
I'd have the women but they don't understand.
I'd have to meet new men.
But then, they'll become the men in my life, selfish and vain.
Sometimes, I wonder about him.
He won't be one of them.
He'll be my man and I'll be his woman.
He'll love me, he'll care and he'll share.
He won't use me, he'll let me grow,
He won't let me go.
He'll be the only man in my life.
I know he exists because I was made with care.
And since God made me with care, he surely made someone to care.
This is a prayer, a song my heart beats the drum to.
This is for my man.
I'll sing it to him when we're old and grey.
I don't know him yet I love him. He is afterall, my man.

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