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     I haven't done this in a while. "What?" you may ask. I haven't picked up a pen or my laptop to write anything in a long time. Except this one time, where this poem just had to be written. I've had dialogues, stories and poetry all take leisurely strolls through what you'd call my mind but I didn't have the "it" to capture them on paper or in digital form. Why? Maybe because of fear. Fear that I wouldn't be good enough or fear that I'd be too good. And maybe because I wasn't ready. Am I ready now? I don't know. I really can't say but I do know that once again, I'm back at this writing thing. Not to make money, that'll probably take a while and not to get awards, that rarely happens when people are alive anyway; but because I have things to say that the world just has to hear. I do not know if I can go as far as dying for the truth but I do know it has to be said whether people listen or not. So Beware.
     Getting serious, 2016 is finally over.

 I went through my prayer journal today and some of the things I asked for back in January are long gone. I went to places I never imagined I would, did some things that would give my parents heart attacks and got some things that just gave me a little foresight into how 2017 might look like. I am as excited as this baby.
    I'm not giving any mushy speeches. NO! You can't make me. They're dreadfully nasty things and I wouldn't touch one with a pole.
 They're tiring. 2016 was a bit trying for me. I had roommates I just have to tell you about! Roommates that almost drove me crazy! I have decided not to blog so much about 2016 and to look to this new year with hungry eyes but I'm just the writer letting the write be written. I didn't have any near death experiences, just very lively ones, I'm afraid.

     Goodbye 2016! I won't miss you, I'll only miss the memories we made.
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