January 2016 #ThrowbackSeries

1:18 am

3 Shades of Glasses

January was like a breath of fresh air for me. I couldn't help feeling excited. It all seemed new. I had ideas, dreams and a lot of plans. I didn't even expect some of the things that happened to me. 2016 was a cuurrraaaaazzzzzyyy year!

I started the day with my mum's Versace glasses. They eventually became mine. She's probably forgotten how she paid for them.

And then in the spirit of the moment, I got these Rayban shades that belong to a very nice person in my faculty. He's graduated now.

Nice Person and me

                   The old law guy looked so lonely. I just had to keep him company.

The third pair of shades belong to a course mate,
My second fave

My fave


My Photographer.

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