A most shocking discovery

3:27 pm

    Hi there, human being or alien. Today, I made a most shocking discovery about myself. I don't have a life. It's shameful but true. My life has become what school, people and some circumstances have made it to be. Right now I feel a large void in the aspect of how to spend my time. It wasn't always like this. I did make the discovery only today.
    Before now, I had a best friend. A guy. At least I thought I did. But what happens when your best friend of many months tells you that he's not who you think he is and you've been friends with a lie all that time. I was like: WAWU. I was hurt. I mean who pretends to be someone they're not to make another person happy?
    I crushed the friendship. HS wanted me to end it as well. But now I'm here asking myself questions. Who am I? Who really am I? Aren't I good enough? That someone would pretend so much hurts a lot. I really thought we were friends.. And the most important question of all: What am I going to do now?
   I know that I must move on and never go back. I know that I must try new things. I know I must discover myself. And I know that I must make new friends.

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